Half of US Children, Most Black Children, Will Use Food Stamps

The results of a recent Cornell University study are shocking: 90% of black children, 90% of children in single-parent homes and nearly 50% of American children as a whole will eat meals provided for by food stamps at one point in their childhood. “The situation is likely bad for children,” said Thomas Hirschl, co-author of the report with Mark Rank, “because families eligible for food stamps who participate tend to be worse off nutritionally than eligible families who don’t participate.” Mr. Hirschl states that only around 60% of families eligible for food stamps will actually participate due to the stigma associated with government aid. The disproportionate numbers of black and working class children found in the study should come as no surprise.

The statistics broken down as follows:
90% of black children
37% of white children
62% of children born to parents who did not graduate high school
31% of children who had more than 12 years of school

Black children born to unwed parents with less than 12 years of education were reported with a staggering 97% receiving food stamps. The total cost of poverty in children is 22 billion dollars, says Mark Rank. It is the duty of anyone claiming to be a Marxist-Leninist to challenge unmercifully the anti-children policies of the bourgeoisie and the most reactionary elements of the right-wing that stigmatize those receiving government aid. V. I. Lenin tell us that if we are to help the masses we “should not fear difficulties, or pinpricks, chicanery, insults and persecution.” We must be quick to look for solutions and stand our ground in face of opposition. We have a duty to the children of this nation to not give one inch of ground to the reactionaries.


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