The Mossville Massacre

In recent years, more and more workers have taken notice of the rotten side effects of the capitalist system. In the pursuit of profits the bourgeois class has shown a complete lack of regard for any and every consequence of their actions. Nowhere is the division of classes under capitalism and the consequences of it more apparent then in the small Louisiana town of Mossville. It is in this community of just a few thousand, the vast majority of whom are considered “ethnic minorities” (also known to the bourgeois as dispensable African-Americans and Latinos) that some of America’s major chemical manufacturers have set up shop. In order to cut costs these corporations have also cut safety, with disastrous consequences to the local population.

It is in this community, which has been featured on major news networks around the world, that nearly every citizen has or knows someone who has had a serious health problem or ailment due to chemicals released into the environment. Particularly affected is the water supply which research, recently brought to the nation’s attention by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reveals contains 3 times the cancer causing carcinogens compared to the national average.

Amidst the sorrow and injustice, there is however, a shred of hope. The citizens of Mossville, in between dialysis and chemotherapy, are fighting back. They are finally speaking out against the horrors capitalism has wrought on their community.

Unfortunately, while this is a start, true justice can only be brought to the people of Mossville via a long and meaningful struggle. A petty settlement is not enough as long as the chemical plants continue to pollute the ground and exploit the people. The people of Mossville and the world need to finally stand up and say that they will not take a bribe nor an apology, not this time.

We all, like the people of Mossville can only settle for meaningful and lasting change, a revolution. Never again can the people stand for what can only be described as slaughter in the pursuit of profits.



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