Tea Party Protesters Show True Colors

“Isolated Incidents?”
So it seems that, if one is to believe the endless parade of chattering right-wing pundits on TV, racism is “not a major ideological component” of the Tea Party. Many dozens of supporters have gone on the television to act shocked and offended that one would even suggest such a thing. In other news, right-wing protesters from the Tea Party have been caught screaming “nigger” and various other racial slurs at black Democratic politicians.

The Tea Partiers were gathered around the capital to protest the passing of the health care reform backed by the Obama Administration. According to reports, two members of the US Congress, Rep. James Clyburn (D- S.C.) and Rep. (D-Mo.) were spat upon by a Tea Partier. As well, Rep. John Lewis, a famous Civil Rights participant, was called a “nigger.” Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was called a “faggot.” There has since been no public apology by any of the reactionary pundits backing these people, but instead a ruthless, unapologetic defense of so-called “free speech.”

Since this incident revealed the underbelly of the protests, the most reactionary scum have stepped forward in lock-step to defend it. Laura Ingraham immediately went on Fox News to dismiss these comments as an “isolated” incident. Of course, even the hecklers were apologized for time and time again by those portraying racist reactionaries as “people worried about the state of the country.” Given how often Tea Party protesters have carried racist signs and shouted hateful slogans, and all this amidst known Nazis and white supremacists in their party, exactly how true is it to call these racist slurs “isolated?”

After the election of a black man to the office of President, America was shown as some sort of post-racial paradise where there were no racial or ethnic hatreds. Of course, we all knew this was not the case and never will be as long as the country is ruled by imperialism and capitalism. The denial of the Tea Partiers to being racists should come as a surprise to no one. They would not have openly said they were racists. Racists never do.

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