Success at the Second Congress of the APL

In a week filled with a host of bad news for the working class of America, a bright ray of sun has started to peak from behind the darkness of the dawn. The American Party of Labor concluded its Second General Congress in Atlanta Georgia on Monday, 14 June 2010. Included with some much-needed reforms of the organizational documents were some statements from the congress concerning the Party. Furthermore, this congress has laid the foundations upon which the American Party of Labor will grow for the next coming years.

While this reporter will not belabor the implications of the results of the congress itself, I will say that this congress means that the American Party of Labor is here to stay, and stay it will. It is only through first building a party and then facilitating the conditions necessary that a socialist revolution will happen to America and it is only through socialist revolution by which our nation of Americans can be saved.

We can look forward to even greater advances for Marxism-Leninism in the future.

Onward to Revolution!

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