The Truth about the Shelling of Yeonpyeong

U.S. Imperialists Seek War With North Korea

If you live in the United States or any other imperialist or imperialist-subjugated country, you have doubtlessly heard the news reports of the recent North Korean “attack” on a South Korean island, laced with words and slogans like “provocative assault” or “military state,” or perhaps something about the “insane tyrant” of the “communist dictatorship” of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) attempting to provoke war and the like. Of course, all of that is propaganda designed to rally the people of the imperialist countries against one of the last states that dares to resist NATO hegemony.

Here are the quick facts: on November 23, 2010, at 13:00, the South Korean military began conducting military exercises on the island of Yeonpyeong. At approximately 14:34, the KPA fired roughly 100 shells at the island. The Southerners returned fire with at least 80 shells. Casualties on the North side are unknown, while on the Southern side 2 marines were killed, 16 marines were wounded, 2 civilians were killed and 3 were wounded. Since the armistice which formally ended hostilities (but not the Korean War) in 1953, the DPRK has disputed the western maritime border (Northern Limit line), which is claimed by South Korea.

The DPRK does not recognize the legitimacy of this line. The disputed territory also contain waters which are valuable for fishing. Claiming these resources would allow the DPRK to pursue its right to self-determination. In addition, there has been a long history of aggression by the Southern puppet state. The media in the United States is fond of portraying its imperial puppet as a blameless, peace-loving victim of communist aggression. Suffice to say this is not the case at all. Several incidents prior to the retaliation by the Korean People’s Army attest to this.

Who is the Aggressor?

Prior to this incident, unarmed civilian fishing ships from the DPRK crossed the unrecognized border several times in order to take advantage of the fishing resources in the disputed territory. All were shot at by Southern military forces before retreating back into friendly waters. Trigger-happy Southern warships should have known that since the waters are claimed by the DPRK, the government of the North would consider such “warning shots” threatening civilians, which would obviously result in retaliation. In fact, South Korea admits to conducting military drills on the island of Yeonpyeong. The island itself being 7.5 miles off the coast of the DPRK, it should have been obvious to South Korean leadership that retaliation was certain.

The day before the incident, the South Korean government said it was requesting for the U.S. government to place nuclear weapons on the peninsula in order to threaten the DPRK, a country which has not been proven to be pursuing any kind of nuclear weapon in response to external threats and aggression. Militarily, reaction by the KPA was a long time in coming, and the South has no business playing innocent. The Southern tactic of using civilians as shields is cowardice at its worst. The installation attacked was primarily a military target, but the puppet government saw fit to place civilians on the island in an attempt to dissuade the DPRK into not challenging the issue of the contested waters. The KPA minimized civilian casualties during the strike.

Brief Historical Facts Regarding Korea

It is worth noting the history of the Korean nation, which has been tragically partitioned into two countries for decades under what was originally claimed to be a “temporary” partition. The imperialists installed an illegitimate American-friendly regime in the South, backed by a force of 50,000 troops. After over 2,617 troop incursions into the Northern half, sometimes with as many as a few thousand troops, a war ensued when North Korea finally invaded South Korea in response. The three-year Korean War took place and killed millions. Thousands of American troops remain in occupied South Korea to this day.

The imperialist bourgeoisie of the United States and South Korea should cease warmongering and putting the lives of their citizens in danger, either by utilizing them as shields, requesting or deploying American nukes, firing into the DPRK’s waters or by conducting military drills less than eight miles from the North, knowing full well that such actions will result in a military action by the Korean People’s Army.

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