Karl Marx Voted Greatest Thinker of the Millennium

Marx took the top spot by a wide margin followed by Einstein, Newton, and Darwin, in second, third and fourth places.

Revolutionary writer Karl Marx has topped a BBC News Online poll to find the greatest thinker of the millennium.

The nineteenth century writer won September’s vote with a clear margin, pushing Albert Einstein, who had led for most of the month, into second place.

The top 10 included philosophers Immanuel Kant and Rene Descartes as well as twentieth century scientist Stephen Hawking.

The vote was the ninth of BBC News Online’s monthly Your Millennium series. In October you can vote for the greatest explorer of the last thousand years. […] Karl Marx is probably the most influential socialist thinker to emerge in the nineteenth century and one of the founders of communism. […] BBC News Online readers from across the world took part in the millennium poll.

Dag Thoresen from Norway, said: “Karl Marx has inspired thousands of liberation struggles. He was the father of modern political thinking.”

And Jyotsna Kapur from the USA said: “Marx analysed best the working of capitalism. Given that that is the system that characterises the world at the end of the twentieth century his work is as relevant to understanding the world we live in as it was for understanding the nineteenth century.”


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  1. Karl Marx argued that revolution was impossible in a society that lived on the family farm. He believed that urbanization and industrialization were both requirements for a Communist revolution. In the 1920s, half of all Americans lived on a farm. Family farms that remained free of debt, enjoyed full-employment during the 1930s. Those that used debt to expand, were destroyed.

    The Federal Reserve Bank is a Marxist and Fascist institution. It creates the debt necessary to enslave a Republic, and the politics that are required to increase our indebtedness. Whether this country spends money on social programs (Socialism), or military expansion (Fascism), we end up borrowing money from the Federal Reserve. As an added bonus, the privately owned corporation also charges us interest to use its Federal Reserve Notes as our currency!

    • “The Federal Reserve Bank is a Marxist”

      That just explins your understanding of Marxism. Wonderful -_-

      And if you could please study how your countries Economy was shaped. especially by those two world wars, That would be great!

    • “The Federal Reserve is a Marxist and Fascist institution”

      Your comment lost all validity with that statement alone.

  2. Greatest thinker of the millennium and never mentioned in schools. And the rest of the list receives short shrift too.

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    I second the motion

  4. Reblogged this on kk16085 and commented:
    Marx was not a simple or classical philosopher but established the basic laws of the motion of the Universe, Dialectics and of course established Materialism scientifically!
    His further discovered “Surplus Value” that makes him an exceptional genius! In politics, he founded the ways for socialism, communism based on Historical Materialism!
    Salute Marx and Engels, his colleague for giving a scientific guideline to the working class, the toiling masses!


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