NYPD Cop Who Shot Sean Bell Says “No Apologies, No Regrets”

Gescard Isnora was fired two weeks ago, so he’s speaking out

Bullets don’t come with apology letters and former NYPD officer Gescard Isnora is making sure it stays that way.

The man who fired the first shot (well, first 11 out of 50 actually) in the Sean Bell tragedy spoke with NBC New York, two weeks after he was fired from his job and given no pension. He says that looking back on the situation, he feels like the mayor and the police department “threw him to the wolves” to appease protestors and media backlash. And even though a jury found him not guilty of any wrongdoing, he says he’s still upset that he was even put on trial in the first place.

When asked why he felt he had to use lethal force in a conflict where three unarmed men were shot, with Bell getting killed, he said he really felt like his life was in danger. When asked why he shot 11 bullets, he insisted that in a high-pressure situation such as that one, you don’t count the bullets.

But, his most jaw dropping statement comes when he is asked if he feels sorry about what he did. While he said his heart goes out to the Bell family for the loss they suffered, he says that he has “no apologies, no regrets” for his actions and feels that he was just doing his job. Check him out for yourself in the video below.


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