Off-duty police officer shoots dead outraged father who confronted him after he mowed down his four-year-old daughter

An unnamed, off-duty officer has killed the father of a little girl he crashed into late Saturday night.

Authorities say that Taniyah Middleton, 4, was crossing First Avenue in the Maywood section of Chicago with her older cousin when the officer approached on his motorcycle.

He didn’t see the girl until it was too late, so he threw himself off the bike – which went skidding into the little girl.

Christopher Middleton, 26, heard the accident and came rushing out and allegedly attacked the man who did it. He was shot and killed by the officer.

According to the police report, Taniyah Middleton rushed out into the road in front of the officer, not giving him enough time to stop his vehicle.

He tried to avoid her, throwing himself off the bike, but the machine flew straight into the little girl.

Hearing the commotion, father Christopher Middleton, 26, ran out to see what had happened.

‘Her face was skinned,’ Darrell Davis, Mr Middleton’s uncle, said to ABC.

‘Of course a father would be upset at the initial reaction of seeing the child in this condition and he confronted the guy and they got into a confrontation.’

Mr Middleton faced with a weeping daughter, flesh ripped off her face, flew into a rage, attacking the man who hurt his little girl.

He and John Passley, 18, Taniyah’s cousin, both allegedly jumped onto the man, who they say never identified himself as a police officer.

Police say Mr Middleton struck the officer, a 43-year-old, eight-year veteran of the force, in the face and knocked him to the ground.

The two pummeled him until he was nearly ‘unconscious,’ Fraternal Order of Police Spokesman Pat Camden said.

He also insisted that the officer identified himself immediately to the family.

‘He never let anyone know he was a police officer until after he shot him,’ witness Cordell Haggard said to ABC.

‘While [Mr Middleton] was on top of the guy, fighting him, the guy somehow managed to reach for his weapon, and he fired it, and shot him right in his groin.’

The officer was rushed to the hospital following the beating and Taniyah was also taken for treatment for contusions and abrasions. Passley was arrested following the alleged assault.

‘She’s in a lot of pain right now,’ Mr Davis said.

The family has made a make-shift memorial in the spot that Mr Middleton, a father of three, was killed.

‘Chris was a great father,’ said Mr Middleton’s cousin, Mathis Hoskin. ‘He was always helpful, never mad – always happy with a smile on his face.’

Friends and family have put up balloons, notes and photographs of Mr Middleton, who was engaged to be married on August 18.

They want the police officer to be held accountable for his actions.

The Maywood Police and Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority are investigating the incident.

‘We just want justice,’ said Mr Middleton’s cousin, Naomi Hoskin.


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