US Envoy: Preparations Made for Attacking Iran

Insists US ‘Totally in Sync’ With Israel

by Jason Ditz

In an interview today with the Times of Israel, US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro denied any disagreements between the US and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the prospect of war with Iran, insisting the two are “totally in sync.”

Shapiro, who recently got into a shouting match with Netanyahu in front of a Congressional delegation, insisted that the US has made all the “necessary preparations” for attacking Iran, and believes they have coordinated well with Israel.

Netanyahu has been publicly lashing the US for not having attacked Iran already, and has been loudly demanding “red lines” that would guarantee a US attack on Iran at a certain stage of development of that nation’s civilian nuclear program.

Shapiro insisted there were “no tangible differences” between the US position and Netanyahu’s, but with the Israeli PM seemingly having been all set to start a war in the next month, and much made of the US effort to talk him down, the split is simply too obvious for these denials to be credible.


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