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  1. Democracy? Morsi was a dictator in a democratic garb. His regime in one year managed to dish out more repression than his predecessor leading to the largest protests in Egyptian history just prior to his ouster. SCAF took over and a major chunk of the Egyptian people supported it. Now there’s a casualty exchange ratio of 1:6 between Army and “peaceful protestors” which implies what’s going on is closer to a civil war. The MB have been hoarding weapons for months even while Morsi was in power and they wouldn’t have stopped until the entire state machinery was loyal to them. This clash was quite frankly inevitable. Given the MB’s history of opposing progressive economic policies, and murdering socialists, there’s a good reason why much of the Egyptian Left are happy for SCAF to smash the shit out of the Brotherhood. Why should they defend the MB? As far as they’re concerned, the state is eliminating a major obstacle to the Left.

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