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  1. I dont really understand this cartoon (which is a few days old) in light of what has happened on the ground…it certainly doesnt represent it. Why aer “Uncle Sam” and “EU represented as “reasonable men” while Rusia is a huge, angry bear? Totally at odds with what is actually happening

    • I thought something similar when I first saw it. Although anger is sometimes justified. Its a reasonable point to make that the present Russian government does not represent the interests of the working class, but Russia is behaving rationally. The US/EU axis are here the clear aggressors and neither Germany, Nor Britain and certainly not the US can seriously claim otherwise – even though that’s exactly what they are doing. Its plain that the NATO powers (with the notable exceptions of France and Italy who have gone strangely quiet) are behaving quite cynically and barbarously – not really any different than Fascist Italy or Imperial Japan before just before WW2..We have obviously entered into some kind of dangerous end-game era of Capitalist – Imperialist geopolitics.

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