About The Red Phoenix


The Red Phoenix is the mass voice of the American Party of Labor, published bi-monthly. It is a newspaper dedicated to providing a creative and original insight on what is happening in the United States of America and around the world. Along with analysis of important news, events, reviews and commentary, the paper also includes interviews and letters from workers across the country. The goal of the Red Phoenix is to provide a platform for working people of all kinds, without the biases and mitigation of the corporate media. 

The Red Phoenix is aimed at revolutionary and progressive-minded people, activists, workers and others who are fighting in firm opposition to the war against the poor and the oppressed. Our political stands are taken from a revolutionary perspective and our writing serves as a medium of expressing that sentiment. 

The Red Phoenix does not wish to give a “non-biased” approach to to the questions at hand; we support all challenges and movements that the working class of the world make towards overthrowing the existing conditions in the United States and other capitalist nations. The writers of the Red Phoenix make up a diverse community of workers, students, organizers, and all those fighting against the capitalist system and its side-effects. 

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Disclaimer: Other sites and organizations may link to the Red Phoenix or to the American Party of Labor website, or may re-print the articles found here. The APL does not necessarily endorse the views of those sites or organizations in any way, shape or form.

Contact: If you would like to contribute an article or reach the editors of the Red Phoenix please email us at aplinfobureau@gmail.com

The website for the American Party of Labor can be found here:http://www.americanpartyoflabor.com

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