2008 – 2010

Resolution Supporting the Revolutionary Forces in Ecuador

The Largest Prison Strike in American History Goes Ignored by U.S. Media

The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 in Perspective

Statement of Solidarity with Georgia Prisoner Strike

Postmodern Theory: The Chains of Illusive Truth

Review of “Modern Times”

Who Was Richard Holbrooke?

New York Workers Win Wage Protections

American Left-Wing Music

Review of “Triumph of the Will”

Update on North Korea

Art & Marxism

Review of “Under the Bombs”

Systems of Stratification:‭ ‬Gender in Capitalist Society

Sign On to Stop U.S./S. Korean War Provocations! Know The Facts!

Review of “Severe Clear (This is War)”

The Truth about the Shelling of Yeonpyeong

On Surrender: Taking the “Easy Way Out”

Review of “Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland

The Creative Nature of Marxist Science

George Takei Calls Out Anti-Gay Arkansas School Board Member

Review of “Blackwater: the Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army”

Society’s Love Affair With Gangsters

Close the School of the Americas: Nov. 19-21 2010

The Partisanship of Marxist Science

Rand Paul & the Mid-Term Elections 2010: Much Lost, Nothing Gained

Review of “The Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism”

United States 2010 Spying Budget Revealed: $80 Billion

Drone Strikes in Pakistan Kill Majority Civilian Populace

Who Pays Taxes?

Why Torture Isn’t the Point

The Absurdity of Nationalism

The Subject Matter of Marxist Science

The Rise and Development of Marxist Philosophy

Update from Comrade Talha Saad on PTCL Strike

Reconsider Columbus Day

Tea Party Favorite Fetishizes Waffen-SS

On the Ninth Anniversary of the Afghanistan War

Do the Wealthy Deserve Their Wealth?

Statements from the PC(AP) & Indigenous Groups Regarding the Attempted Coup in Ecuador

Honduran People Struggle Against Coup Government

Marxist Science & Other Sciences

Be a Part of History: October 2nd Rally in Washington D.C.

APL’s Handy Guide to Avoiding Police Repression

FBI Targets American Anti-War Activists

Drug Use Increasing in Face-of Economic Depression

Incentive in Revolutionary Society

The Concept of Method: Dialectics and Metaphysics

Protest Against Corporate Welfare in California

Cold War Killer File: Augusto Pinochet

On Marxism-Leninism

A Special Report from Comrade Talha Saad, A Marxist-Leninist in Pakistan

Iraq War Update: Operation “New Dawn” & the Reality of Troop Withdrawal

Philosophy as a Science

Celebrate the 91st Anniversary of American Communism

Tea Party Sparks Controversy over “Ground Zero Mosque”

American Progressivism

Dialectics & Marxist Philosophy

Cold War Killer File: Ronald Reagan

California Proposition 8 Overturned

The Revolutionary Process

The Toxic Legacy of a Dirty War

Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Bill Stalled

Communism Vs. American Exceptionalism

Review of “Genocide, War Crimes and the West”

Leaked Afghanistan Papers Expose Truth of US War Crimes

The Myth of Capitalist Democracy

Review of “Reds”

A Marxist Perspective on Human Nature

Letters to the APL 2

The Media’s Love Affair With Zionism/Israel

Review of “This Land is Their Land”

North Korea Accused of Sinking South Korean Warship

On the Day of American Independence

Head General Fired from Afghanistan Occupation

Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” Ain’t Gonna Clean This Up

Resources Discovered in Afghanistan and Zimbabwe

Myths Concerning Non-Revisionist Marxism-Leninism

The Secret War Against Iran

We Need a New Deal for Renewable Energy

Success at the Second Congress

Conspiracy Theories Continued

Review of “The Road to Serfdom”

Role of the Individual in History

Statement on Israel’s Attack on Aid Flotilla

Guide for Moral Perspective in a Capitalist Society

Detroit Pigs Murder 7-Year-Old Girl

The BP Oil Spill in the Gulf

Ex-Prisoners Have Rights Too!

Housing is a Human Right – More Funding for Public Housing!

The Waning of Trade Unions: Labor Law and its Subversion

Review of “Surrogates”

Review of “V for Vendetta” (Movie)

The Day Socialism Saved the World

Glenn Beck’s Revolutionary Holocaust Part I

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

On Petty Bourgeois Ideology: Social Democracy to Fascism

Celebrate International Worker’s Day 2010

Work Hours in the United States

Call to Action: Arizona

Racial Profiling Now Legal in Arizona

Review of “Enemy at the Gates”

Legalize Industrial Hemp

Confederate History Month: The White-Washing of a Racist Regime

Statement On the Coal Mine Explosion in West Virginia

Republican National Committee Chairmen Lives it Up like a King

Videotape of Imperialist Massacre Revealed

The Myth of the “Middle Class”

The Nation

Tea Party Protesters Show Their True Colors

On The Health-Care Reform Scam

Anniversary of the Iraq Occupation

Review of “Extract”

Rwanda, Zaire & Sudan

Comments on Current Events

The Withering Away of the State

Review of “Fallout 3”

The Mossville Massacre

A Meeting of Two Liberal Sacred Cows

Can Tax Cuts or More Spending Break the Capitalist Cycle?

Revolutionary Spirit Press Release

Message to American Social Democrats

Celebrating the Manifesto

Who Shot JFK? Who Cares?

Imperialists Seek War with Iran

Elections for Sale

The American Party of Labor Condemns US Occupation of Haiti

MLK Day: A Dream Lost

Analysis of the Earthquake Disaster & Imperialism in Haiti

Who will Lead the Transition to Socialism?

Caught Red Handed: the “Hypocrite” Argument and the Boycott Method

Letters to the APL 1

Right-Wingers Support Fascist Military Coup in the US

Review of “Avatar”

Obama’s War Prize

The Question of The State

Review of “Fast-Food Nation”

Killing Two Capitalist Myths

Fanning the Flames of War in Afghanistan

Statement On Troop Escalation in Afghanistan

A People’s Economic Recovery

Review of “1491: Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus”

National Liberation and Islamophobia

Morale Down, Suicide Up for US Occupation Troops

Facts on Immigration: Joe Arpaio’s Attacks on the Latino Community

The Myth of the Boss as a Victim

Unemployment at its Highest in Decades

Half of US Children, Most Black Children, Will Use Food Stamps

Actually, It’s the System

Atlas is Going to Shrug

On Torture

Gandhi was Wrong: Non-Violence Doesn’t Work

Review of “Capitalism: A Love Story”

A New Type of Democracy

Obama is Not a Socialist

The Main Features of Art

Review of “District 9”

Sudan: The New Fashion of Neo-Colonialism

The Myth of Totalitarianism

A Socialist Revolution

Senate Votes Down F-22 Fighter Jet

Never Again!

On the Arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. & America’s Unhealthy Obsession With Police

The Right-Wing Coup in Honduras

The Imperialist War

The Illusion is Crumbling

On the Iranian Uprising and Rebellion

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Deserves Self-Determination and Nuclear Technology

Healthcare Worker’s Rights and Much More: “We Can Get if We Try”

US Strategy in Latin America Was Wrong

The Deception of Change

Morality in Socialist Society

Results of the US Presidential Elections

The Myth of Overpopulation

The New Cigarette Law

Thoughts on Class Struggle

Update on Gaza War Crimes: Final Body Count

The Dictatorship of the Proletariat

Israel’s New Holocaust

Welfare Queens

The Rise of Historical Materialism Part 2

The Rise of Historical Materialism Part 1

The Tasks Before Us

The Labor Theory of Value: A Simple Explanation

Marxist-Leninist Ideology

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