Video: Trayvon Martin 911 Call

British colonial files released following legal challenge

Africans shocked by uncivilized antics of European savages

Venezuela’s Minimum Wage to Rise 32.25% in 2012

Are guns the problem?

Join the APL for May Day 2012 in Chicago!

The Violence of Poverty

Why I refused to return to fight in Afghanistan’s brutal occupation

Nearly a million Russians have committed suicide since collapse of Soviet Union

Hundreds march in Phoenix against Arizona immigration law

New Jersey dad unveils a culture of teacher abuse in autistic son’s elementary school

Spokeswoman: Bachmann ‘Tar Baby’ Quote Not Racial

Romney urged mothers on welfare “need to go to work”

In Turkey, hundreds mark Armenian genocide

“Three Strikes” Strikes again

Police chief in Florida teen death case remains under scrutiny

Youth of Color: Watched and Shot

The Shame of Nations

NYPD: Captain Told Officers To “Treat Black People Like Animals”

Florida fire captain: Trayvon died because of ‘sh*tbag… welfare dependent’ parents

The Arrest of George Zimmerman

British writer John Derbyshire sacked by The National Review for racist article

N.C. man no longer faces death after judge invokes ‘Racial Justice Act’

NYPD Cop Who Shot Sean Bell Says “No Apologies, No Regrets”

Law allows creationism to be taught in Tenn. public schools

Obama Under Fire For Refusing To Sign Gay Protections Order

UC study criticizes, places blame in pepper spray use at Davis

The liberal betrayal of Bradley Manning

Protests in Tunisia

Hacked Road Sign Changed To Include Racial Slur About Trayvon Martin

Remember the Limerick Soviet!

DPRK celebrates centennial of Kim Il-Sung’s birth

Iraqi Woman Beaten to Death in California, Hate Crime Suspected

Fla.’s West says 81 colleagues are communists, offers no proof

George Zimmerman’s MySpace Name: “DatNiggyTB”

FM Spokesman on U.S. Announcement of Suspension of Food Aid to DPRK

Trayvon Martin’s Mother Clarifies Her ‘Accident’ Comment

Prosecutors: Zimmerman Ignored 911 Dispatch, Confronted Trayvon

New Mali Leader Sworn in, Vows ‘Total War’

Castro, Baseball and the Thought Police

Christians Fight for Their Children’s God-Given Right to Bully Gay Kids

In Hiding, Mali President Issues Resignation

Mich. teacher fired for Trayvon fundraiser

Wisconsin’s Repeal of Equal Pay Rights Adds to Battles for Women

Trayvon Martin shooting: Debate over photos escalates

Dartmouth Sorority Girl Goes Public With Her Hazing Nightmare

Austerity Kills: Greeks Declare ‘Financial Murder’ at Funeral of Elderly Man

MDOT road sign changed to Trayvon Martin racial slur overnight

Pensioner’s Suicide Continues to Shake Greece

Greece: Clash after service for man who shot self

Data Mining You

On “Bias”

Humanitarian Aid Is Military Intervention

Five New Orleans police officers sentenced in hurricane Katrina killings

Mississippi on way to becoming ‘abortion-free’ state

Parents of Trayvon Martin ask feds to investigate state prosecutor for nixing efforts to arrest George Zimmerman

Trayvon Martin case: Mayor says police resisted release of 911 tapes

Does video cast doubt on Zimmerman’s story?

911 Call: Trayvon Martin cried for help before gunshot

Miami Police detective says racism “alive and well”

7 Right-Wing Bomb-Making Militia Members Acquitted

New Black Liberation Militia group to attempt citizen’s arrest in Fla. shooting of Trayvon Martin

FBI taught agents could ‘bend or suspend’ law in some probes

The man who raised a black power salute at the 1968 Olympic Games

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