Mississippi Conservative Calls For Putting Gay People To Death On Facebook Page

Ephren Taylor Accused of $11 Million Christian Ponzi Scheme by SEC

Did U.S. send paratroopers into North Korea? Military accused of ‘secret mission’ to spy on nuke facilities

US commandos parachuted into North Korea: report

Four witnesses in Trayvon Martin case change their stories

“We didn’t know it was impossible, so we did it!” The Quebec Student Strike celebrates its 100th day

RIP Adam Yauch (MCA); Thoughts on the Beastie Boys and Tibet

Ludicrous Bill In New York State Senate Endeavors To End All Anonymous Posting On The Internet

North Carolina pastor’s anti-gay sermon spurs protest

Hacktivist claim: We took down city website because of police violence

Video: The Green Heart of Libya Still Beats

CIA Identifies, Memorializes Fallen Covert Officers

2 more anti-NATO protesters facing charges

NATO 3 protesters being held in isolation, lawyer says

Police Brutality reported at Chicago Summit Protests

NATO protests in Chicago: Police van drives into protesters

National Lawyers Guild Releases Photograph of Suspected Police Informant Involved in Terrorism-Related Cases

Registry tallies over 2,000 wrongful convictions since 1989

Settlers filmed shooting at Palestinian protesters‎

Video: Anti-NATO Activists Attacked by Police After Peaceful March

Video: Chicago Police Van Plows Through NATO Protesters

NATO protests – More than 40 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan throw down their medals in protest of wars, lies and greed

Video: Chicago NATO Summit Protests

3 men charged with terror conspiracy ahead of NATO

Video: Protester in Chicago NATO Summit rips NATO banner down

The Most Outrageous Aspect of the Trayvon Martin Case

New Trayvon Martin Evidence: 10 Things You Should Know

Trayvon Martin Witness Believes ‘He Intended for This Kid to Die’

Is “The Dictator” Racist?

Teamsters close down Coca Cola bottling plant

Wall Street’s Speed Freaks

Would-be underwear bomber a double agent

Israeli court says no to release of striking Palestinian prisoners

Imperialism Didn’t End. These Days It’s Known as International Law

Obama signs 10-year deal on surprise Afghan trip

More Than Half of Greek Police Officers Voted For Neo-Nazi Party

The Subsidized Student Loan Scam

Prisoners’ hunger strike escalates

Why the Romney bully story matters

Dekalb County Police: it’s within policy for our officers to kick pregnant women in the stomach

Fascism rises from the depths of Greece’s despair

Daniel Chong, U.S. Man Left In Cell For 4 Days
, Entered ‘Survival Mode’

Black Africans Put in Zoo, Forced to Eat Libya’s Flag: Obama and NATO’s post-Gaddafi Libya

Trayvon Martin hoodie gun targets reportedly sell out

Organizing Against Bank of America

Lesbian seeking marriage license arrested in NC

Left-Wing Music Continued

India missile test has few critics, unlike North Korea’s failed launch

S. Korea says new cruise missiles a warning to North

New Account: Zimmerman Told Cops Trayvon’s Last Words Were ‘Okay, You Got It’

Romanian government is latest victim of EU austerity

Backlash against the rolling back of child labor laws

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

President Barack Obama defiles the legacy of International Workers Day by announcing “Loyalty Day”

Why Conservatives Are Smearing Trayvon Martin’s Reputation

Pentagon Sought to Stop Paper From Using Photos

Photos of U.S. soldiers posing with Afghan corpses prompt condemnation

Worth a Thousand Words: the True Face of Anti-Communism

APL May Day Photos

Celebrate International Workers’ Day 2012!

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