Nazism nyet? Not yet

US-Created “Syrian Opposition” Led by Big Oil Rep

Condemned…again: ‘Genocidal’ US embargo on Cuba slammed by UN for 21st year

Puerto Rico Divided on Statehood, Majority Demands Decolonization

The Humiliation of Bradley Manning

Leave the Vladimir Lenin’s Monuments where they are! Hands off Lenin!

10,000 US troops to stay in Afghanistan past 2014 deadline

100,000 Egyptians protest as ‘Pharaoh’ Morsi digs heels in over power grab (PHOTOS)

Free Leonard Peltier!

Religious exemption at some Florida children’s homes shields prying eyes

The Absolute Right of Palestinian Resistance

Wal-Mart Plays Down Labor Protests at Its Stores

US Using Bad Info for Drone Strikes Like It Did for Detainees

Political Cartoon: Gaza Oppressor Oppressed

Likening Palestinians to Blades of Grass

Journalists injured in Israeli attack

Walmart Workers Gear Up for Black Friday Strike; California Workers Announce Second Strike

The Reality of Obama’s Security State

Israel Kills More Civilians as Gaza Attacks Escalate

“Free Syrian Army” Threatens Red Crescent

Jihad Misharawi, BBC Journalist, Loses Son Omar In Israeli Strike On Gaza

Is Israel Escalating War on Gaza to Foil US-Iran Deal?

Israel calls up reservists, gets ready for Gaza invasion

Hamas says now in ‘open war’ with Israel, promises ‘gates of hell’

France recognizes new Syria opposition

Bales ignored ‘We are children!’ shouts, Afghan witnesses say

Where did America’s missing millions go? Holodomor Lessons

4000 “Free Syrian Army” Militiamen Attack Damascus: Minorities, Palestinians Among Those Attacked

Police militarization in Colorado: Cops in fatigues toting automatic weapons disperse anti-eviction activists

As Sanctions Hit Iran’s Most Vulnerable, the Man Who Dared to Feed Sanction-Starved Iraq Remains in Prison

U.S. wanted to turn all of Okinawa Island into base site in 1945-46: documents

How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Jihadist Rebels In Syria

Obama Bombs Yemen Hours After Winning Reelection

Israeli policy splits Palestinian families

Liberals let Obama get away with unconstitutional actions

8 Atrocities Committed Against Puerto Rico by the US

Amendment 64 Passes: Colorado Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use

Turkey indicts IDF commanders over Gaza flotilla deaths

Marxism and Cults of Personality

Richmond Walmart Workers Demonstrate Inside Store and Then Walk Out

Now US Navy is arming drone boats

Death Squads, Murder and U.S. Corruption in Colombia

No matter who wins Tuesday’s election, U.S. likely to become entangled in Syria’s war

How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement

Syrian rebels seize Lebanese journalist over ‘incompatible’ reporting

Israel Admits Assassinating Palestinian Leader in 1988

How McGovern Tamed the Anti-War Movement

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