Jack Shulman: Testimony of an American Communist. Part One: Spain (1937-1939)

The following interview was conducted with veteran American communist Jack Shulman shortly before his passing in 1999. This section, dealing with Comrade Shulman’s experience as a member of the anti-fascist Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War will be… Read More ›

The National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Calls for Protests the Day After The November Presidential Election (November 4, 2020) After the election, the peoples mandate for change must be carried out.

In this triple pandemic of racism, COVID-19, and recession our National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression is issuing a call to all the democratic forces presently engaged in the struggle against racist injustice, the economic slaughter of our communities… Read More ›

Geoffrey Servante, Last Surving British International Brigader, Has Died.

Originally published by the International Brigade Memorial Trust (  All rights reserved to the author and/or The International Brigade Memorial Trust. By Jim Jump Farewell to Geoffrey Servante, our last man standing Geoffrey Servante, almost certainly the last surviving British… Read More ›