Interviews With Workers and Activists of the United States

At Youngstown State, Cuts Target Diverse Faculty and Programs

By: Bobby Gallagher, Red Phoenix Correspondent Ohio Bobby Gallagher is a union organizer and member from Youngstown, Ohio. Across the country, there are issues regarding the integrity of our schools and universities.  Education in this country remains an imperfect system,… Read More ›

A Healthcare Worker Speaks on Potential Vaccine Mandate

Isabelle B is a healthcare worker in the Northwest, and member of the American Party of Labor. She wrote to the Phoenix with her thoughts on the need for a vaccine mandate given her experience working in healthcare. The question of vaccine mandates has been hotly contested within healthcare labor unions, with the largest nurses union (NNU) resisting the push to make vaccines contingent to employment while encouraging members to get it, consistent with their view on the flu vaccine. The union, has, however, fought staunchly for mask mandates.