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Watching Syria, remembering Nicaragua

By Richard Becker History shows U.S. viciously attacks—not supports—real revolutions Sandinistas enter Managua, July 19, 1979 On July 18, a huge bomb blast killed or critically wounded several top Syrian security officials. While the “Free Syrian Army,” claimed credit, the… Read More ›

Are Guns the Problem?

Intro: Tragedy, Violence and Bourgeois Discourse Your average American is no stranger to murder. Periodically, we hear of another senseless crime, another mass murder, another tragedy taking innocent life. Like clockwork, whenever a high-profile shooting takes place in America, two… Read More ›

On “Bias”

Introduction: Contemporary Bourgeois Journalism Any person who has watched or read a mainstream news source like CNN or Fox News, The New York Times or the Washington Post, will have eventually been confronted with the concept of “unbiased reporting.” The… Read More ›