Press Releases and official statements from the American Party of Labor.

Statement of the American Party of Labor: Imperialism and Reaction, Hands Off Venezuela!

The American Party of Labor emphatically condemns the assassination attempt via drone aimed at murdering Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Although detailed information regarding the attempt is unavailable at this time, the APL reaffirms its commitment to defending the sovereignty of… Read More ›

“Karl Marx’s Legacy in the Reinvigoration of the US Labor Movement:” Presentation by the American Party of Labor at the 22nd International Seminar on the Problems of the Revolution in Latin America.

Quito, Ecuador (July 26, 2018) This presentation was delivered by Comrade John Palameda at the 22nd International Seminar as a delegate representing the American Party of Labor. A year has passed since the national secretary of the American Party of… Read More ›