“Revolutionary Spirit”

Theoretical Journal of the APL

Online version here.

Marxist-Leninist Ideology

The Rise of Historical Materialism I

The Rise of Historical Materialism II

The Dictatorship of the Proletariat

Thoughts on Class Struggle

A Socialist Revolution

The Myth of “Totalitarianism”

A New Type of Democracy

Actually, its the System

The Myth of the Boss as a Victim

The Question of the State

Letters to the APL #1

The Withering Away of the State

The Nation

The Myth of the “Middle Class”

The Role of the Individual in History

Myths Concerning Non-Revisionist Marxism-Leninism

Letters to the APL: If Socialism is so Great, Why Did it Collapse?

A Marxist Perspective on Human Nature

The Myth of Capitalist Democracy

Communism Vs. American Exceptionalism

The Revolutionary Process

Dialectics & Marxist Philosophy

Philosophy as a Science

On Marxism-Leninism

The Concept of Method: Dialectics & Metaphysics

Incentive in Revolutionary Society

Marxist Science & Other Sciences

Do the Wealthy Deserve Their Wealth?

The Absurdity of Nationalism

Society’s Love Affair With Gangsters

On Surrender: Taking the “Easy Way Out”

Systems of Stratification:‭ ‬Gender in Capitalist Society

Art and Marxism

The Rise & Development of Marxist Philosophy

The Subject Matter of Marxist Science

The Partisanship of Marxist Science

The Creative Nature of Marxist Science

Postmodern Theory: the Chains of Illusive Truth

Privilege and Marxism

Briefly on “Reverse-Racism”

On the 1997 Albanian Rebellion

The Deep Roots of Reaction: the Radical Right

Fascism: Origins and Ideology

An Analysis of the American Service Economy

Imperialism: A Beginner’s Guide

Alienation: The Pain of All Working People

Poverty & Violent Crime

What “Free Speech” Really Means

Are Fair Wages Under Capitalism Possible?

On Atheism

Right-Wing Terror on the Rise

Augusto Pinochet & the Realities of the Free Market in Chile

The Global Drug Trade: A Case for Afghanistan Withdrawal

The Human Nature Argument

The Real Reagan

The Soviet Jews, Zionism & Israel

Analysis of the Tea Party Movement

The “Right to Work” & the Deceptive Discourse of “Rights” in Capitalism

Obama’s Speech & the History of “Compromise”

Michelle Bachmann, Slavery & Dog Whistle Politics

Pacifism: How to Do The Enemy’s Job For Them

On the Vanguard Party

Debunking William S. Lind & “Cultural Marxism”

The State Murder of Troy Davis and the Death Penalty

It’s Not “Corporatism,” It’s Not “Crony Capitalism,” It’s Capitalism!

Michael Parenti: Class Warfare Indeed

Myths About Socialism: Redistribution of Wealth?

On “Dogmatism”

Myths About Socialism: Under Socialism, is Everyone Equal?

Myths About Socialism: Is Socialism Utopian?

On “Islamofascism” & Islamophobia

On Communist Morality

Michael Parenti: Occupy America

Michael Parenti: Must We Adore Vaclav Havel?

On Dialectics

The Absurdity of Intellectual Property

Myths About Socialism: Common Arguments Defeated

Michael Parenti: Free-Market Medicine — A Personal Account

Michael Parenti: An Opinon About the Opinion-Makers

Myths About Socialism: Is It Really Just a Matter of Corporate Greed?

If A Tree Falls…

Juan Perón and Social-Fascism in Argentina

Michael Parenti: Free Market Health Care: True Stories

On Emotionalism

St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish Struggle 

On “Bias”

Remember the Limerick Soviet!

Are Guns the Problem?

Left-Wing Music Continued

On Revolutionary Discipline

Michael Parenti: U.S. Aggression & Propaganda Against Cuba

On Individualism

Michael Parenti: Iran and Everything Else

Success at the Third Congress of the American Party of Labor (APL)

Cold War Killer File: the Death Squads of El Salvador – Part 1

Marxism and Cults of Personality

Supply, Demand, Value & the “Mud Pie” Argument

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations: Resolution on the Situation in Syria

The Rise and Fall of Third Worldism – Part 1

Why Socialism?

Terrorism and Privilege: Understanding the Power of Whiteness

Of Flags & Butter: An Analysis of American White Supremacy Through Symbols

Statement of Eduardo Artes, First Secretary of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) on the demonstrations in Brazil

White Privilege shapes the U.S

Michael Parenti: I Have a Dream, a Blurred Vision

Michael Parenti: The Nobel Peace Prize for War

Reformism: the Gateway to Fascism

Michael Parenti: The Sarin Mysteries: Syria, Sarin, and Casus Belli

Decriminalizing Bashar al Assad: Towards a More Effective Anti-War Movement

Complicating “White Privilege”

On “Political Correctness”

On the 34th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

Islam, Terrorism and Hypocrisy: U.S. Imperialism in the Muslim World

Review of Grover Furr’s “Khrushchev Lied”

The Real Legacy of Ariel Sharon

New Munich agreement

Michael Parenti: What’s a Slum? Urban Poverty and Marginality in America

Michael Parenti: 85 Billionaires and the Better Half

Euromaidan: The play with EU integration

Fascists take deputy prime minister and other posts in Ukraine’s new government

Final Resolution of the 19th Plenary of the ICMLPO

May Day statement from the PCMLE of Ecuador

Labour Party (EMEP), Turkey: About the Mine Massacre in Turkey

Statement on the 20th Anniversary of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

Revisionism and the Process of Capitalist Restoration


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